Cosmic Sundering

A Dark Errand

The Journey To The City Of Tomes

As our heroes bravely ran away they entered the main room of the Burley Bugbear and were met by a dozen or more dark elves. An odd conversation ensued where the leader of the Midnight Menagerie introduced himself as Dayvan Darshorn. Dayvan offered the group, as he saw it, two fair options. Option one, retrieve an item from a city of death that has a greater than not likelihood of killing them all or death. Option two, a sword tip then came forth through on of the drow’s chest with the handle in Dayvan’s hand, driving home his point.

Our intrepid adventurers are heading north after agreeing to retrieve the last Book Of Madness from the City Of Tombs for Dayvan Darshorn and his Midnight Menagerie.

While traveling North along the banks of the Farenesse the group decided to camp for the evening with a Caravan headed south to Cnidaria. Here the our adventurers swapped tales from the south for those from the north. Our heros found that there was a bit of a riot in the market square of Three over some slave trading. Since slavery is illegal in the Coral Kingdom the City Guard and the Duke’s Legion confiscated and freed the slaves. They met with more than a little resistance from the merchants and their hired sword arms. Now the merchants and the henchmen are detained and awaiting their judgement day.

Over night the camp was besieged by a pack of Worgs. The Caravan guards were sliced apart while our heroes saved the night by bravely fighting off the savage beasts. Our champions were not without some mishaps during this battle, but persevered none the less.

The Caravan Master was most pleased to have the aid of his new friends and made sure they all had a signal whistle and full food stuffs after showing his appreciation.

Shortly after arriving at the city of Three the party gained a room for the evening at a fair discount due to Tain’s association with the local rendition of the Midnight Menagerie. Tain finds there is unrest among the native born thieves who long for the days when the Dark Fist of Three ruled over the thieves of the region.

The party struck out from Three early the next day headed East, directly in to the Dead Wood. While hiking deeper and deeper in to the increasingly rotten forest our adventurers encounter skeletons roaming the wood. They get greater in number and strength the deeper they go in to the forest as they near the City Of Tombs on the edge of the Xasta Marsh.


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