Cosmic Sundering

A Darkening Errand

Reaching The City Of Tombs

The closer the group, according to Tweed, gets to their goal the stronger their undead foes will become. Turned out that Tweed was well informed, for once, as the group came upon a nasty bog in the Dead Wood that housed several tough skeletons and a Wight. After getting hit by the Wight, Fressa temporarily lost a great deal of the recent knowledge she had gained and a good deal of health. After witnessing this Father Fides turned the power of his god loose upon the foul undead and they became so much as dust on the wind.

After days of dragging their two sorry back mules through a rotting forest filled with shambling undead our intrepid adventurers came to the City Of Tombs.

Our brave band of heroes found the tombs to have strange markings on them. After closer examination Father Fides, Tain Shadowspawn, and Fressa all concluded that the markings were not writing and that they were magical symbols. They seemed to be trying to keep something out, or in, they could not discern which. It was also very clear where they needed to go. In the Northeast corner of the emerging city of death there lies a 50 foot tall tomb with a large statue at the peak. Five foot steps lead up from the Southwest corner to the base of the statue in atop the Northeast corner of the monument.

So like any cautious group of would be heroes they opened one to find a tougher than normal, well armed skeleton that was dispatched easily enough. The opened a second tomb in the direction of the monument. Again, the party found and dispatched a tougher than normal skeleton. Third time found a bit of a surprise for our grand champions. After cracking the seal on this tomb all adjacent tombs opened on their own with multiple increasingly tough skeletons emerging.

With some deft maneuvers, Tain Shadowspawn escaped his undead foes as they tried to encircle him. Father Fides was most effective with his mace as he bludgeoned several of the nasty undead in to piles of bone meal. Fressa aided Fides and Tain with her hawk and helped create some balance to their precarious situation. Even Anicha Cha Khanda (a.k.a. Cha Cha) got off several crossbow bolts in to the skulls ending a tormented afterlife for one of the skeletons. With her improvised clubs,Thilda beat a path through the mass of undead. Tweed, their guide from Midnight Menagerie helped whittle down the force until at last Father Fides (Faith) turned them all to dust with the power of St. Cuthbert.

Fighting as a group, the party was able to survive, but not without Tain and several other taking a good deal of blows. The party was last seen withdrawing to a small clearing in the Dead Wood to lick their wounds and prepare for another run on the City Of Tombs.


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