Cosmic Sundering

The Beginning

A Burly Bugbear Brawl

The PCs met in a nice and disreputable tavern, The Burly Bugbear, down among countless such taverns in the docks of Cnidaria. Here they set about drinking, eating, and rabble rousing the likes of which the docks have not seen in years. They met an ever self important bard named Sebastian Songweaver. A few of the party even played their luck at some gambling tables.

The party’s green thief, Tain, started inquiring about the local thieves guild in what he considered to be a very low key manner. Tain found some representatives from the Midnight Menagerie. Unfortunately for Tain and his friends these Drow did not take kindly to Tain’s style of inquiry.

One gave indication Tain should meet them in the store room. After Tain followed him in a second dark elf slipped in behind him. The ever observant Fides noticed this and sauntered on over to give a listen and back up his friend. Fides blundered in to the conversation and helped Tain sooth tempers and they left the store room without incident.

Shortly after two noblemen entered the Tavern and made their way to the storeroom, escorted by the two Drow. Tain, being Tain, had to see what they were up to. This act led to many shenanigans.

One of the dark elf fell halfway down a secret trap door in the floor when he failed to leap over it. Chacha color sprayed everyone, including her party. Her spell was successful on most in its path. This spell was especially effective on Tain who was bedazzled for quite some time. The Drow tried and failed to maneuver the PCs down the trap door. The failed attempt was aided by Fides’ great oratory that so moved a good deal of the patrons in the Burly Bugbear that they joined the PCs in a hunt for the treasure these dark elves were hiding below the tavern!

Below the tavern the PCs discovered a system of caves that had been worked to allow for several pens. These pens looked to have held some animal and even humans at some point. The party found a cramped fighting pit, and two secret doors. One led to a natural cave with a filthy saltwater pool that looked to have dull current. The other secret door led to a cramped room with four small pens, a desk and some shelves. In this room the PCs found the nobles that escaped the ruckus upstairs.

These nobles were subdued and looted in good speed. The room was ransacked and several books and a couple ledgers were taken and held by Fides.

The angry mob roused by Fides helped do in the two Drow that were dragging Tain to a human sized pen. Tain escaped and joined his companions as they were preparing to leave the nobles chained up in the pens of the secret room. Tain could not in good conscience leave these poor souls bound in the presence of this every angering mob so he freed them and hightailed it up the ladder, through the secret trap door to catch up with his friends as they were entering the main room of The Burly Bugbear.


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