Dayvan Darshorn

Leader of the Midnight Menagerie


Dayvan Darshorn has an ease and grace about him that is not unlike those of a cat. He appears in average garb and is extremely unassuming. Eyes usually cast down while speaking in soft tones until angered. Then he will turn his intimidating inferno red eyes on his target.

Under his average garb is a never ending, multi-layered, assortment of perilously deadly tricks.

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Dayvan is the undisputed, ruthless leader of the Midnight Menagerie. Formed under his iron fist, the Menagerie ventured forth to the surface world to seek out riches of Cnidaria. Finding several fractured, smaller guilds run by slower, weaker humanoid races Dayvan saw endless opportunity. Starting with the Black Corral Guild in Cnidaria, Dayvan took out the local guild leaders and offered the members two options. Option one was death. Option two was to join the ranks of the Menagerie and pay tribute to the parent guild. Moving North from Cnidaria the Menagerie now controls all guild activity in the region.

Dayvan Darshorn

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