Garrum the Protector



Little is known about Garrum the Protector, the paladin sworn to justice and protecting the weak. He has no homeland, no family, no title and no name. He even chooses not to follow a deity, though he respects all religions that advocate for the benefit of the common good. For him, kindness, goodness, justice and righteousness are universal… for better or for worse.

Some say he was once a criminal who had exiled himself from his home and taken up the ways of the paladin for redemption. Others say he is a nobleman or a prince who had given up everything he had to serve his realm. If you ask him, he will tell you nothing, and instead preach for hours on end on why you should always stand up for the bullied, fight in the name of justice, or at least open doors for the elderly.

Though Garrum highly prefers traveling alone to company, he is willing to take paladin apprentices as he believes it is important to teach others about the power of protecting. He also believes it is important to forgive wrongdoers that are willing to repent and change for the better… but he might punish them first.

Garrum the Protector

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