A high-ranking member of the Dark Fist of Three


Chaotic Good, Male Human Rogue Level 8

Red hair, green eyes, athletic build.

A leader in the defunct thieves guild, Dark Fist of Three. Childhood friend of Tain and Saraya.


Though most of the former members of the Dark Fist of Three joined the Midnight Menagerie, either willingly or not, there was a small minority whose loyalty has remained with the city, their former guild, and each other—Sammael is one among them.

Those that were left of the Dark Fist continued to practice their activities outside the jurisdiction of the Midnight Menagerie but with a change in their objectives—they were no longer interested in profit as much as thwarting the activities of the Menagerie. Their attempts include infiltration into the Menagerie‚Äôs ranks by spies, recruitment of support, however discreetly and intangibly, of beggars, orphans, merchants, followers of Olidammara, and anyone dissatisfied with the changes in the black market or bristling under the dominance of the Midnight Menagerie. They also make arrangements for the occasional disappearance of the unwary dark elf.

Sammael has risen to some prominence in this minority of former Fist members who have not joined the Menagerie, and continues to organize the information gathered by his spies, Broanin being chief among them. It is possible that the majority of its former members inducted into the Midnight Menagerie support the Dark Fist of Three, if not overtly, at least in spirit, and if given the chance would desert their new guild.

He is concerned about the disappearance of his friend Tain and maintains strong ties with Saraya.


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