Proprietor of Saraya's Sundries and Liquid Pleasures


Neutral Good, Female Half-Elf, Level 6 Wizard, Level 2 Rogue

Comely and young, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Proprietor of an alchemist shop in Three called Saraya’s Sundries and Liquid Pleasures. Childhood friend of Tain and Sammael. Past ties to the defunct thieves’ guild, Dark Fist of Three.


Although she initially joined the Dark Fist of Three with her two friends, Tain and Sammael, Saraya found that her talents were specialized elsewhere, and took up arcane studies under a local hedge wizard and alchemist.

After the death of her mentor, at the hands of the Midnight Menagerie, Saraya took over her former mentor’s shop and renamed it Saraya’s Sundries and Liquid Pleasures. She harbors no love for the Menagerie and maintains unofficial ties with former members of the Dark Fist, occasionally contracting for her former guild.


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