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  • A Dark Errand

    As our heroes bravely ran away they entered the main room of the Burley Bugbear and were met by a dozen or more dark elves. An odd conversation ensued where the leader of the [[Midnight Menagerie | Midnight Menagerie]] introduced himself as

  • Saraya's Sundries

    Saraya's Sundries and Liquid Pleasures is owned and operated by Saraya. Saraya is a childhood friend of Tain who left [[The Fist Of Three| The Fist Of Three]] to pursue the study of arcane arts. Saraya deals in potions, alchemy ingredients, spell …

  • The Dark Fist Of Three

    The Fist was once the ruling thieves guild in Three. Almost two decades ago, that all changed when[[Midnight Menagerie | Midnight Menagerie]] wiped out the guild's leaders in one bloody night. The members were given three options. 1 join the …

  • Tain Shadowspawn

    Tain hails from the streets of the city of Three. Orphaned at a very early age, Tain has never known his parents; the closest he’s had to a family were the two friends he’s had since his earliest childhood days, Saraya and Sammael. Tain and Sammael were …

  • Saraya

    Although she initially joined the Dark Fist of Three with her two friends, Tain and Sammael, Saraya found that her talents were specialized elsewhere, and took up arcane studies under a local hedge wizard and alchemist. After the death of her mentor, …

  • Sammael

    Though most of the former members of the Dark Fist of Three joined the Midnight Menagerie, either willingly or not, there was a small minority whose loyalty has remained with the city, their former guild, and each other--Sammael is one among them. …

  • Broanin

    A member of the Midnight Menagerie. Spy for the Dark Fist of Three. Friend and former guildmember of Tain and Sammael. Specializes in forgery and deciphering script.

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