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  • A Dark Errand

    As our heroes bravely ran away they entered the main room of the Burley Bugbear and were met by a dozen or more dark elves. An odd conversation ensued where the leader of the [[Midnight Menagerie | Midnight Menagerie]] introduced himself as

  • Xasta Marsh

    The Xasta Marsh is infested with the untold numbers of undead. Zombies of all races and animals, skeletons, wraiths, mummies, wights and more all roam the marsh. The strongest of these vile corruptions of the natural world inhabit the central regions of …

  • City Of Tombs

    The PCs were sent on an errand by [[:dayvandarshorn | Dayvan Darshorn]] to retrieve the last Book Of Madness from a tomb at the edge of the [[Xasta Marsh | Xasta Marsh]] that borders the Dead Wood. Not much is known of the City Of Tombs as it has …

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