The city of Three is simply named for three rivers that converge here. The Forenesse, Wyvern, and Kaveri rivers join here at Three, merge into the river Forenesse and continue on to meet the ocean in Cnidaria.

Three is ruled by the Duke of Three. It is commonly known that the Duke always bows to the will of the three great merchant houses. Past Dukes of Three that have had opinions contrary to the great houses have met with untimely demises and a new duke then appointed by The Crown shortly thereafter—the new duke would always seem to share the view of the world with the houses.

The Midnight Menagerie extends to Three from Cnidaria. This has not always been the case. There was once a local guild, The Dark Fist Of Three, that was overthrown by the Menagerie decades ago.

Saraya Sundries is run by a childhood friend of Tain. It is a shop where one can buy alchemy ingredients, spell components, low level scrolls, and if asked nicely, Saraya may even perform a spell…for a price.

The Fat Lady is a speakeasy burlesque brothel discreetly servicing the city’s elite. It also houses a base of operations for the former Fist members in an hidden complex in the back, below The Fat Lady.

There are few religious sites in Three. The few that exist are housed in former storefronts or shops. Money, trade, and wealth are the main “religions” of Three.


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