Cosmic Sundering

Thilda's Betrayal & Orc Raiders Raid

Thilda succumbed to the call of Death Bringer. Thilda armed the Orc prisoners and attempted to free them. Our heroes overwhelmed her and her Orcs with Briar Death, Scorching Rays, and an angry crocodile.

After that sad business was concluded Father Fides (Faith) performed last rights and buried the once questionable companion. The party moved shop and rested until mid day and then headed out to invade the Orc encampment.

Tain Shadowspawn was made invisible by Amriel allowing him to waltz in to the heart of the Orc camp. As death on a whisper, Tain quickly and quietly dispatched all three of the Orc Shaman. On his way out he stepped on a prairie dog tail alerting a watchful Orc. Upon inspecting the tent Tain was hiding in the alert Orc found two blades in his face. His death screams alerted the rest of the camp. Tain’s companions came down upon the camp with a wrath these Orcs have never seen and they would not survive to witness again. The key move was the impenetrable web Amriel cast and successfully captured the Orc raid leader. After that the party rolled through the Orcs as lightning through clouds.

Cargo, wagons, loot and Orc Leader in hand the party returned to Faren playing the role of conquering heroes.


JackBates JackBates

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